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Engine Gear Box

Manufacturer of the Rob North Trident & Rocket Three Racer

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Also available Maxton Internal Dampers to fit ceriani 35mm mag forks complete with maxton internals or complete fork assembly with Maxton Internals.

Please call for price

Set of Oil Hoses – Aeroquip Type – Abrasion Resistant – 3/8″ Bore Feed 1/2″ Bore Return – C/W Clips



T160 Kickstart


T-Piece for Rocker Feed


Throttle Cable, State Rocket or Trident


Amal Twistgrip Assy


Twist Grip Rubbers


Clear Plastic Breather Hose, 1/2″ Bore


Rearset Footrest Kit


Machined Billet Points Cover suitable for Lucas Rita Ignition


Half Lever for Gear Box


Engine on off switch


Ignition Cover CNC Machined Billet Alloy Boyer Type / STD


Rocker Oil Feed Pipe


Rocker Box Covers CNC Machined Billet Alloy (pair)


Alloy Pushrod Tubes

set (4)

Supertrap Silencer System

Please call for a price

Exhaust Packing

Please call for a price

CNC Machined Sump Plate with Drainbolt


Rev Counter Blanking Plate


Chain Guard


Gear Linkage & Brake Rods Alloy. Various Lengths.
Rose Joints available

£18 each

£5 each

Crank Case Breather Kit


Engine Crankcase


Timing Covers to fit Rocket. Also available T150-T160 at same price.


Belt Drive Kit for BSA/Triumph triples Road applications only
(Will run with standard clutch components, also runs in oil, very easy to fit, maintenance free)


Arrow Steel Race Conrods (Set of 3)

Please phone for price

Belt Drive Kit – Race applications


Upgraded Oil Pumps


Close ratio Gear Conversion


Lightened Billet Crank   New billet crank, 23lb weight, standard is 30lb, cross drilled with 4th oil way, available in: –



Trident RR Steel Conrod Set   Trident RR steel conrod set, have been tried and tested on our own engines for the last 5 years with great results. Race tested from the home of Rob North Triples.


Oil Pump Gears


Offset Gear Box Sprocket


Oil Filter Plug


Crank Case Oil Pipes


Pressure Relief Valve


Rocker Box Gaskets Copper


Cylinder Base Copper Gasket


Trident RR Conrods


Whilst we ensure that our parts are made to the highest standards, as the fitment and use are outside our control, and as use for racing is likely to ultimately result in failure, we can accept no liability whatsoever for damage resulting from such a failure. This is a condition of our business, which you are deemed to have accepted upon purchasing parts from us. However, if on receipt of goods purchased from Trident Engineering, you are not totally satisfied with the quality of workmanship or material, we will be happy to supply replacements or refund any monies paid. Electrical goods are non returnable after 14 days.

For more details regarding any of these parts please ring 01902 661 609